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From oil changes to suspensions, brake service to tire rotation, we do it all!



- If you need your brakes serviced or replaced, we'll be happy to help.

- Whether you need a diagnosis to find out why your vehicle is running rough or just want your spark plugs changed, give us a call.


- When you come to us for an oil change you can rest assured that you are being well looked after, included in every oil change;

- New oil filter

- Check your air filter

- Check your tire pressures 

- Top up your windshield washer fluid

- Check your antifreeze

- Grease all available fittings

- Lube all accessible hinges.

- If any unnecessary dash lights are on, we will diagnose it.


- We will check your car to make sure that your Tires are Balanced, the Rims aren't cracked or Damaged in an Unsafe way and Ensure that your Wheels Aren't Leaking.

- When it comes to your Suspension there is far more Involved than just your Shocks or Springs. From your Ball Joints, to Sway Bars, to Control Arms to Trailing Arms we can make sure your ready to roll.

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